The plywood industries are currently using synthetic resin adhesives based on petroleum resources. Cost the petroleum product is increasing day to day which influences the cost of the adhesive. A number of natural materials are available which have in their molecular architecture units resembling phenol /formaldehyde and are capable of undergoing reaction similar to phenol/formaldehyde. Due to their natural origin, these are available on a renewable basis thereby avoiding continued dependence on petroleum resources. These materials can be synthesized to form resin adhesives and also minimizes the pollutant levels. In this study different bio materials would be used to develop resin system and optimize the process parameters and resin formulations which can replace the existing resin system in the panel industries.
Development of the bio- adhesive system helps in the Utilization of bio materials obtainable from natural renewable source. There will be reduction in the use of petroleum based chemicals. Reduction in the cost of the resin. Minimize the emission of formaldehyde.
Disposal of industrial wastes for better utilization, thereby reducing the pollution problems
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