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Physical & Mechanical Testing Lab (CENTEC)
Facilities are available in the lab for testing wood, plywood and other panel products from lignocellulosic materials as per relevant BIS specification
The major equipments are UTM [25T, 10T, 5T, 2T], Door testing equipment, Humidity chamber for door testing, E-Tester [mechanized], Ovens, Hot water bath, Vacuum pressure test apparatus, NDT equipments such as Modulus sonic and ultrasonic equipments, Abrasion tester, Acoustic Pulse Tester, Shear/Scratch Tester, Fire resistance test apparatus, Thermal conductivity apparatus, etc.
The facilities have been established at IPIRTI for testing and evaluating the mechanical properties of wood and panel products as per relevant standards.
Temperature and Humidity Control Chamber (climatic chamber)
The facilities have been established at IPIRTI for measuring the dimensional changes caused by temperature and humidity for different kinds of wooden door shutters. At a time 6 doors can be accommodated in the chamber and can simulate the conditions inside the chamber mentioned as per IS 4020 (part 12). Temperature & Humidity Controlled Chamber works at temperature range of 10 C to 85 C and humidity 20 to 95 % RH, can be operated through a direct LAN connecting through Ethernet port,
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The facilities have been established at IPIRTI for conditioning the test specimens before carrying out the mechanical tests of wood and panel products and also it is used for measuring the dimensional changes caused by temperature and humidity of block board.
Tests for Door Shutters
Door shutter is an essential feature in all buildings both residential and commercial. All the door shutter manufacturing units in the country have been advised by the BIS to set up facility for test of door shutter in order to apply for BIS stamping. Since, no such equipment was readily available for the industry to purchase and install, IPIRTI designed a prototype and got the door shutter tests equipment fabricated. All tests prescribed in Indian Standard Specification IS:4020 - 1998 can be conducted using this equipment. A short term course on tests for door shutters also has been introduced.
Fire resistance testing
The facilities have been established at IPIRTI for testing panel products for their fire resistance as per Indian standard IS 5509.
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UTM-10 ton
UTM-5 ton
Tensometer-2 ton
Acoustic Pulse Tester
Smoke Density apparatus
Vacuum-steam pressure test apparatus
Thermal conductivity apparatus
Temperature and Humidity control chamber
Hot water Bath 3 nos
Air circulated Hot Air oven, 2 nos
Varying Humidity chamber
Door Testing Equipment
Mechanized E Tester - NDT
Electronic Balance 2 nos
Measuring instruments
Digital Slide Caliper.
Metal Scale
Steel tape
Digital micrometer (screw gauge)
Feeler gauges
Digital depth gauge
Dry and wet bulb thermometer
Digital hygrometer etc.

Abrasion Tester
End immersion tank
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