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Annexure -VI
A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention which is a product or process that provides new way of doing something or which offers a new technical solution to the problem that existed.
Patents provide recognition for the creativity of the inventor and scope for material reward for marketable inventions. Patents not only provide probation for their owners but valuable information, impetus and inspiration for future generations of researchers and inventors.
Patents help in preventing the misuse of the inventions for commercial purpose, i.e. the invention cannot be commercially made, used or sold without the patent owner’s consent.
Patents for the following are held by IPIRTI
1) No.628/MAS/2000- Development of Matchstick from Bamboo.
2) No.653?MAS/2001 – Bamboo Mat Corrugated Roofing Sheets.
3) Nn improved process for the preparation of water impermissible resings. India Patent No.14602 5 dated 30-08-1976.
4) Improvements in relating to a process for making composite boards from rice husk. India Patent No. 146015 dated 30-08-1976.
5) An adhesive based on natural polyphenols. India Patent 1976.
Patents for the following are in process
1) Earthquake resistant Bamboo Housing System
2) Improved method of manufacture of Bamboo Mat Board [BMB], and Bamboo Mat Veneer Composite [BMVC]
3) Method of manufacture of Bamboo Mat Trays and Coir trays.
4) A process for manufacture of Cardanol Phenol Formaldehyde Resin.
5) A process for gluing preservative treated veneer with improved Phenol Formaldehyde Resin.
6) Development of mechanized E-Tester
7) “Compregs from Bamboo Mats/Veneers of Plantation Timber or a combination and a process for the preparation thereof”
8) “A process for the manufacture of Bamboo mat moulded skin board doors from Bamboo mats”
9) “A process for the manufacture of Bamboo mat Ridge Cap roofing with Bamboo Mat Corrugated Sheets”
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