Protection of Woody Species

The institute has undergone studies on some of the major insect pest and diseases associated with woody species like Santalum album, Tectona grandis, Dalbergia latifolia, Melia dubia, Terminalia tomentosa, Acrocarpus fraxinifolius, Grevillea robusta, Bamboo, Mangrove etc., and developed aptitude in diagnosis, detection and suitable management strategies.

To further strengthen the management strategies, the Institute is presently working on development of bio-control programme for major insect pest and pathogens associated with Sandalwood and Mangrove.

A database on Wood Insects of India, covering details of important timber / woody species and their associated wood feeding insects along with their taxonomic status, biological details, host range etc., has been developed by the Institute.

Protection of urban trees and green space is a challenging task to balance with developmental projects in metro / smart cities. Institute has developed suitable capacity in providing technical strategies for health assessment of urban trees and their management.

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